Mission Statement

The mission of the KMR School of Golf is to provide an opportunity for the very skilled junior golfers of Hawaii to participate in a daily training program which will provide practice, instruction, playing the golf course and physical conditioning. This extensive training may lead to tournament championships and college scholarships. The special recognition that these juniors achieve will be used to give back to their community.




Program Overview

The game of golf can be a great learning tool for life. Unlike many sports, golf requires honesty, integrity, respect for the rules, etiquette and for other competitors. It is a game that teaches all players humility and sportsmanship.

Played on an ever-changing canvas of surroundings, golf also offers the player an appreciation of nature and the environment. I can think of no better activity for children to learn and apply towards their lives than golf.

The KMR School of Golf is unlike most junior programs. This school is specifically designed to aid youth who possess the gift and motivation to become champion golfers.




Program Organization

The KMR School of Golf is a non-profit organization and was incorporated in the State of Hawaii on October 15, 2001. The KMR School of Golf is organized and will be operated exclusively to support and develop junior golfers for national or international golf competition.

KMR golf students are serious junior amateur golfers who are in elementary school through college and have the commitment and potential to play at a top competitive level.

Students and their parents sign a contract stipulating the conditions necessary to enter and remain in the program. Student members attend the program 6 days per week, 2pm-7pm during summer and after school during the school year.

Contributions to the KMR Golf Program will help provide the KMR students with the quality training necessary to compete at a top national or international level. Thus, a child with the ability and motivation, from any background, will have the opportunity to compete at the highest tournament level.



KMR School of Golf 45-550 Kionaole Rd. .Kaneohe, HI 96744

Mission Statement
Mission Statement
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