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KMR Instruction Program

The KMR instruction goals are diverse. First, the instructors will try to hone the physical skills necessary for each KMR golf student to become a scratch golfer (0 Handicap) in the fastest time frame possible. This starts with the techniques of the full swing, short game and putting.

The instructor will also work on the mental development required to stay positive, to be confident, to give 100% and to stay calm and patient in the face of adversity. These are traits that must be worked on for a golfer to ultimately compete at the highest level.

In addition, other fundamental aspects of golf will be taught:

The rules of golf Understanding the traditions, the etiquette, and the sportsmanlike manner in which the game should be played.

Commitment to practicing and playing.

Management of the golf course. How to play trouble shots, developing a strategy, adapting to different courses, conditions.

Enjoying the game and the developing the social skills associated with it.

Physical fitness also will be a part of each student's lifestyle and the instructor will help him or her accordingly.

KMR Instructional Philosophy

Amateurs that come to the KMR School of Golf have a dream of playing at a high competitive level. Whether it is in junior golf, high school, college or even someday professional levels, our students want success. We hold ourselves accountable for that success. Despite the challenge, the task is straightforward. We try to develop our student's golf skills more professional in quality. That means more refined in every move they make. No quirkiness, no loops or motorcycle grips. The biggest obstacle we face as instructors is the undoing of poor habits that a student has acquired. A student may be a decent player, but their unconventional elements hold them back from their ultimate success.

Our job at KMR is to make students aware of their flaws, then reinforce in them every single day the changes that will make them better. Our results speak for themselves. Although we work individually with students and make some compromises to accommodate their abilities, one thing remains an absolute constant in this process. The ball goes where it goes, does what it does, for a reason -- not because you are an unlucky person, but because of what you did to it with the golf club. Period, end of discussion. When the student can take responsibility of this fact, then the improvement process can begin.

Mission Statement

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