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10 Basic Tips for More DRIVER Clubhead Speed


1. USE A WIDE, ATHLETIC STANCE helps lateral hip thrust into the ball. Imagine a high-speed track star starting at the blocks.

2. TAKE-AWAY SLOWLY speed and momentum builds up gradually, then reaches peak speed at impact... not before!

3. TURN YOUR BACK until it faces the ball, eyes can barely see the ball at the top of your backswing.

4. DON'T OVER-SWING THE CLUB nothing but trouble if the club goes past parallel at the top.

5. RETAIN YOUR COIL IN DOWNSWING your back has to maintain its turn well into the downswing, left arm stays over right foot.

6. MOVE BUTT END OF GRIP PAST THE BALL opposite the inside of your left thigh, then uncock your wrists fast.

7. RELEASE PAST YOUR BODY right foot stays on the ground or only slightly up while the clubhead catches up and releases, ie. fast-ball pitcher

8. HEAD STAYS BACK behind the ball and over your right foot so that the clubhead's angle of attack is level or slightly up through the ball.

9. WRAP AROUND FINISH point the clubhead to the target in the finish for maximum range of motion and unleashing all of that new clubhead speed!

10. TRAIN HARDER run hills to build up quadriceps, swing weighted clubs, stretch everyday...the combination of speed, strength and flexibility produces powerful movement.

NOTE: ...Physical laws of motion govern speed...1. Shorten radius for quicker acceleration (impact) ...2. Wider arc for imparting greater momentum (backswing). 3. Centering weight for speed in rotation 4. Multiplying speed by sequential but concurrently overlapping fulcrum movements

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